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Pismo Heights


  Pismo Heights is a section of Pismo Beach that extends up the steep hills overlooking the pier.


Pismo is a resort town….
Plenty of folks live in other places, but maintain a house in Pismo for use as a vacation property.  These homes are also often rented out to others who wish to live in a palace for a week.

   The dolphin motif is used extensively thorough this area… both in paint and statuary.

Fourth of July decoration

   This is a little fourth of July decoration I whipped up using my paint program and a US flag in Pismo.

Pismo staircase

   Land is at a premium in a resort town. Due to this, through the years the building activity works higher and higher up the hills overlooking town and the sea.  While the views become more spectacular the higher you go, the difficulties of building grow exponentially.  Near the very top, where you can see from Point Sal to Diablo, the homes must be very narrow as the land is steep…. driveways are difficult and ‘bottom’ most vehicles out…the west side of the house might be three stories high, while on the East side only one story shows…. the ground is very rocky…. most of the topsoil washes downhill as it unravels from the rocks…. most of the builders try to maintain the original rock mass in the newly-designed landscape.  In the case above we can see that the original rock was maintained…. the house was built and a cement stairway winds to the door through the rocks.


Pismo house

    Many of the older homes were built by Portuguese families….they tend to follow the old building styles of the Iberian Peninsula…
Pismo Beach can give a traveler memories of sun-drenched Spanish summertimes.

Pismo houses

More European styled views….

Pismo houses

   Again.. very nice architecture




We went to check on the ladybugs by the creek.
They’ve spent the winter clinging to these bushes… sometimes they fall to the ground and stay in a thick mat all packed deeply.
They are like red jewels moving slowly and dripping from the leaves to the moist cool earth.
They have to move to regulate their temperatures, they move in and out of the sun which just this week started peeking into the canyon. They are starting to awaken from their dormancy.
I suppose they don’t want to leave too early though… they have a secluded safe spot here in which to rest through the winter…. once they become active they will need to eat.  In the great scheme of life, they probably time their dispersion with the hatching of aphids. This will give them some food while they start their own egg-laying. The youngsters will hatch amid a plethora of food.  Thousands of ladybugs will spread for ‘who-knows-how-far’ from this one tiny little spot in the  middle of nowhere.



Here’s a little video I took showing the ladybugs.
And below we have some photos.
See the next post before this to find some info and links on ladybugs.



Visit at Grandma’s

John is out with his friends and stops by his
Grandmother’s house for a visit
To wish her a happy new year.

There’s a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table,

And John and his friends start snacking on them.

When they’re ready to leave, his friends say,
“Nice to meet you, ma’am, and thank you for the peanuts.”

Grandma says, “You’re welcome. Ever since I lost my dentures,
Now all I can do is suck the chocolate off of them..”


Walking On Air

   One of the odd things with video is the big music companies trying to shut off display and sharing of their music videos, or the music they own rights to being used in personal videos and shared over the Internet through services such as YouTube.

   I don’t know much about digital music…. but it seems to me that most folks aren’t going to know how to take the songs from the videos in a manner that will allow them to be kept on a player so they can listen whenever they want. So it’s not like they’re likely to lose a lot of business from potential customers.  On the other hand, it could well be that many people will find out about an artists music through the Internet and listening a few times might be compelled to look the artist up and purchase the music online for their own collection.

   I was happy to find one of my favorite current artists label has done such a thing with her music. Kerli’s tunes are now on VEVO through YouTube, and they give the code out so people can embed them legally into their web posts and share the music with others.

   Now, I’m not ‘hip’. .. So I’m not often current on anything happening…. but I was asked to audition once for a music video for a young Estonian girl named Kerli. They wanted a ‘Creepy Guy’ for a song about a Creepy World.  I didn’t get the role… maybe I wasn’t creepy enough… sometimes not getting what you want is good. But at any rate I became familiar with a young girl with loads of talent, a good heart and as Lancelot mused “She has a pretty face”.

   Kerli…. Walking On Air

This is too much

   I was reading an article on the environmental consequences of livestock production in the Brazilian rain forest….

‘To preserve the Amazon, we need to stop eating meat’

    The comments section was even more interesting…. there were folks on both sides of the ‘meat divide’ making their own (sometimes) reasoned, and usually passionate arguments for and against the basic premise of the article…. One particular comment I found was made by ‘presidio’ who brings up the fact that almost any occurrence or danger can be manipulated by anyone to gain control or compliance from others who they wish to force into their manner of action….


This is too much.

The Marxists are using Climate Change to promote a Proletariat agricultural revolution

The Maoists are using Climate Change to get us back to year zero

The Corporates are using Climate Change to promote carbon trading

The Govts are using Climate Change to tax us until the pips squeak

The Vegans are using Climate Change to promote vegetarianism

The One Worlders are using Climate Change to promote one govt with a single point of tax and control

The West is using Climate Change to dump pollution on the Third World

The Eugenicist/Malthusians are using Climate Change to cull the population.

The Greens are being used by all of the above, and they don’t realise it.



   I suppose anyone with a more-extreme concept can seize onto almost any concept to show it has to be implemented ‘this way and that way’ to prevent catastrophe… otherwise we are all doomed. Usually it is the more extreme portion of population that will do this. In this way… the demand by Nazis for ‘living space’ can be used to gain approval from the masses for foreign conquest… in the same way the ‘domino-theory’ gained approval for troops in Vietnam…. and the outright rejection of violence will enable easy conquest by oppressors. Of course this all depends on with whom you are dealing. Gandhi was able to use non-violent means to defeat the British in India…. they are a cultured civilized people… the same would not work with the Nazis… laying before panzers would just enable an easy takeover….

   Like many things that are important…. the fringes attract the radicals… the middle of the road is full of the masses…. understanding and caring little about the matter… yet in order to enable real action, it is the masses that you need behind you…. so the radical fringe will cry havoc and try to instill a sense of fear-and-doom onto the masses to be given approval and ability (legislation, money and manpower) to enforce their vision upon the masses.  The opposite can also occur…. absolute denials of potential problems is sometimes the easiest course for the public to follow.  When a fortress city has defended itself for generations, the people crying that an invading army has been seen approaching may not merit the demands the structure be fortified further… “it’s been fine this long, it’ll be fine” is the declaration from those needed to stack the stones.  Surveillance might be cherry-picked to support either side of argument. Those demanding the building of structure will show the data that this army has new siege machinery, so the old fortifications need upgrading to meet new demands. The ones not wishing the outlay of expenditures and the disruption to their lives will look at the data that showed some of the machines mired in mud en route… “those machines are too complex, and won’t ever make it here.”

   Sometimes a matter is a high threat, the public will see it as such and respond with full approval and their ‘hearts-and-minds’ to enable the full effect of effort to be made…. this happened in WWII when the US population, not wanting to get embroiled in “their fight” steadfastly refused the appeals (through the political process) from Britain for involvement, and our own President’s entreaties and arm wrangling to join forces with the Allied Powers and defeat the Axis Powers. It took a sneak attack along with a delayed declaration of war from Japan to gain the enmity of the US populace allowing the politicians to marshal forces. 

   It is often said “The only thing you find in the ‘middle of the road’ is road-kill”.  But it is the masses that any movement needs to gain momentum. And any fact that is found can be twisted around to suit your own needs…. an image can be manipulated with other images around it to appear deceiving…. but the facts remain the same….it just requires a skilled tongue to turn black into white if you open your eyes to only the facts as they are laid out. Deep reasoning and suspicion of the motives of others might be seen as distrust… but the world is so full of manipulations that it is unwise to not look at the facts as given by both sides…. and on the far fringes the facts are loosely interpreted, and data left out if not conducive to the goal… which is control of the people.

  The people are the real driving force behind the world economies and politics.  We usually don’t think about that, because we are in the middle of the road…. it’s easier going… you don’t have to worry as much about threats implied or real….. the cars whizz on by at speed… but you’re straddling the line…. no hard bushes and spiny plants to push through… not like those folks on the edges that desperatly meander through the brush, concealed while they gaze across the expanse of road… looking at the masses in their endless line… following one another….. unknowing of the dangers that lurk in these bushes…. they just need to reach them…. what a power that would be!


Elephant Garlic... ambrosia


  These are Elephant Garlic bulbs.  Elephant Garlic is actually a type of giant leek that forms bulbs.  I’m not sure it has the regular medicinal qualities of its more sharp-tasting garlic-brothers…. but I am sure it is a still a very healthy thing to eat.  I’ve eaten a half pound or more of these at a time… roasted over fire, wrapped in foil and saturated with olive oil.  I got the original bulbs from some fellow from whom I had purchased a Roto-tiller about 25 years ago. Ever since I’ve kept the original strain going.  I don’t always harvest them yearly… I often let a single bulb grow into a clump for a few years…. Above is a sample clump that resulted from a single clove being planted some four years ago. I now need to break it apart much like you’d divide flower bulbs. These ones should have had this done BEFORE the rains came and got the roots going….



    In the photos above we see the clump has been hosed off, to remove most of the soil, and let the roots separate more easily.  Separating the roots is much like de-tangling long hair after a four day motorcycle ride.
     In our area with the mild winters, it is usual to plant garlic in the middle of October, so I am two months behind. They’ll still grow well though…. and again I’ll likely not harvest in June when they haveripened. So they’ll grow on again for another couple of years in the new spots on two terraces on the hill side



   This is how I load the bulbs into the soil…. I just raked the terrace of the excess brush, and then sliced into the soil with a flat spade, pushed it forward to open a little slice into which I dropped the bulbs. I then removed the spade, and pushed the soil around the growing shoot.After this they should be watered to let the soil settle around the newly disturbed and broken roots.  Elephant garlic likes good soil….    In our area the garlic does pretty well with just the usual rainfall. It grows through the winter, and matures in the spring when the rains stop. As the early spring comes in, and the foliage starts to die all watering must cease.   The bulbs should be harvested and stored in a totally dry, airy and dark location…. We don’t have much of a place like that, so I leave them in the ground where they can be dug as needed through the summer.

   Once winter comes again, the bulbs remaining in the soil will start to grow new roots and then foliage…. this is the time you can’t eat the sprouted bulbs…. so if we do need garlic and don’t have any stored, I can harvest the occasional bulb with stalk…. they look much like a giant green onion or leek, slice nicely into a stir-fry or fresh salad. Later when the stalks have become more mature and starting to become pithy, the plants will put out their flower heads…. these can be eaten in several stages of growth…. 

   So even though we only eat the garlic bulbs for half the year… we still get really fine eating out of the other parts of the plants during the rest of the year.

This is one of the clumps of garlic. It is at the stage where the flowers are dead, the stalk has decayed… and the bulbs are going dormant. At this stage they should not be watered anymore. But these ones were growing in the cactus patch, so they did get watered a bit each summer, and survived through well for four years.

This is how large these bulbs can become. This one was about one pound.

   They only get this size when grown under optimal conditions.  In this case I planted the largest bulbs at the proper time, in perfect soil… rich and loamy. I water a few times until the autumn rains came and kepot them moist through the entire winter….. then as March came, the rains stopped… the seed stalks were harvested as they came out to direct growth to the bulbs, and I did not water. When the foliage showed four or five leaves drying well on the plants, I took them all up and stored them away.  But since then I’ve decided it is so much easier to let them store in the ground, grown in the large clumps.  We can harvest a bit when we need some, and not haveto worry about a bunch of garlic stored in the attic. Less work, lazier, easier… the bulbs aren’t as pretty though. Grown in the clumps they do not get as large, and as they sit throughthe summer in the ground, they get stained by the soil, so they’re not as clean and pristine.  Sometimes the bulbs will separate into the individual cloves, this will allow a lot of dirt to get into the bulb, reducing its use cooked whole in foil.  But my stomach doesn’t know the difference.. they still taste the same.




Icy Night in the Hills

   We got temps that dipped into 29 degrees by 1 AM. It stayed right there for another six hours until seven AM. Temps remained below freezing for another few hours until the sun rose high enough to reach into the canyon.

   Cold weather is such a novelty to us, that I had to take photos.

  We had a lot of rain fall in a 24 hour period. Then the sky cleared, the stars shone through like diamonds, and the night went deadly cold. The fresh water that had leaked into the car’s rubber gaskets froze into ice.

   For the first time I ever recall, I had to defrost the car doors to open them… they were all frozen stuck. Not having ever had this happen to me I searched for solutions… and came up with using a propane torch…. I am sure a hair dry would have been safer… but the torch was easier to find. I just tried to make sure I didn’t really heat things like I’d usually do, but just warm them a bit to melt the ice gently without melting rubber.

   It worked, in a couple of minutes the door opened. The locks would not work, all the mechanisms were stuck, but five minutes of idling defrosted the windshield of the thick coat of ice and made the car drivable.

  The photos show one of our cats, Lizbeth sleeping in the cat condo on the porch. One shows the odd ice pattern in the windshield. One shows the torch melting the ice, and one shows ice in the cupped leaf of a robusta cactus.


    The next set of photos were taken almost a year ago on Dec 18 2008 when we got the first freeze of that season. So the freeze this year came nine days earlier… yesterday was the first we had this year.

  We expect night time temps to be even colder tomorrow morning.

Hoeing Weeds

Hoeing weeds

Fast weed growth
Fast weed growth


   After some five or six months with no rain, we got a two day gully-washer
that dropped some five to six inches on the area.
This was the largest October storm system to hit the state in 45 years.

   The combination of warm temperatures and moisture has led
to an explosive growth of weeds.
The photo above was taken only five days after the rain started. Very fast sprouting!


   Keep in mind, when I say ‘Weed’, I merely mean a plant that is growing where I do not want it.
   These plants in the photos are right in front of our house where we want nothing growing so that we have no flammable vegetation near the house. We’re better off having the ground bare and clear all around the house to lower wildfire risks.
   We could have a lawn there, but that takes a lot of water, water I’d rather use to grow food, both to sell and to eat.

   The plants in the photo are the types that need to be growing on the hillsides where they can help to bind the soil reducing erosion.

   It is when plants are in this young and tender stage that they are the easiest to kill. A simple swipe with a hoe will scrape them from the soil surface, slicing them from their roots and leaving the leaves to dry in the sun. A nice day that will be sunny is said to be the best to scrape these weeds from the ground. The sun will hasten their demise. A rainy day might allow them to get their roots going again.

   If you let the weeds grow, they will set their roots firmly in the ground, and you will have a harder time removing them, if scraped with a hoe, the roots might set up a new stalk…. you might have to pull them from the ground by hand.

   Take care of your weeds before they get out of hand.

   “A stitch in time saves nine” Old Proverb


deer path weeds

deer path weeds

This is a deerpath in the wilderness, the photos taken the same day as the one above.
We can see that even though the plants are different, they have the same germination speed, although perhaps a lower rate of germination due to the rougher soil.

   There are several factors we can learn form in the two photos….
Notice the deerpath has a lot of debris on it… leaves and duff from the nearby bushes.
These have lowered the germination rate.. perhaps some weeds were under a large leaf that did not allow the small sprout to grow properly.


When you hunt an animal you have to learn its habits….
when you have weeds, you should learn how to control them
by knowing their growth habits, and vulnerabilities.

   A seed is a marvel of life…
it has the accumulated nutrition and energy given to it by its parent for its early life…..Just as most humans and animals will do anything for their young, so too did the parents of these annual weeds sacrifice themselves for their progeny.
   The parents of these annual weeds grew during the moist winter in our mild climate… they waxed through the winter. And when the springtime came and the rains stopped, the plants, programmed to seed at the beginning of the dry season, took every bit of energy they had in their roots, stalk and leaves and packed every bit of this essence and energy into the seeds they carried. This is why seeds are so nutritious.  Every bit of fat, protein and carbohydrate the plant can manufacture is given to the seeds, so that they will have a good chance to grow in the next generation.

   So now we are left with a seed that has lain in the ground for five or six months,  waiting for the right environmental conditions to sprout.
   Plants are grown and adapted to their area….. the plants here ‘know’ they should not sprout before the rainy season has began. In order to make sure that a stream of urine from a passing deer or a short unseasoable sprinkling in July will not cause them to sprout, the seeds are coated with a hard ’seedcoat’ that will keep out short-term moisture.
   When it has rained for a couple of days the moisture will seep into the seed itself.
This will start the seed’s germination. To germinate too soon would mean death for the seedling,  nature sets these effects in place to ensure enough plants grow to continue the process.

   It is when they are newly growing that they are easiest to destroy…. if you have a space in which you don’t want any new plants growing,  this is the time to take care of them,  when they are young tender seedlings that have no large root system,  nor copious leaves to cause interference.

~Lao Tzu~
Chapter 63

Accomplish the hard task while it is still easy.
Handle large affairs while they are still small.
For even the most difficult and large of tasks and affairs
have a point where they are still easy and small

Hoeing weeds

Here we see a photo of a large hoe being used to scrape the newly-grown weeds.


   What means you use to destroy these young seedlings depends on your resources.
One method used for nearly a century is ‘flame-weeding’.
Some tractors are adapted with systems that shoot a flame
onto the ground beneath the crop plants.
Just a second of heat from the flame will cause the moisture in the small leaves to boil,
rupturing cells and resulting in dessication and eventual death.
You can also purchase hand held flamers that will run from a small propane bottle.

   I prefer using mechanical means….
if the ground is not covered with a mulch,
I use a hoe, gently scraping along the soil surface,
scraping the plants from the ground.
This does not require hacking if the plants are young enough….
gently scrape the plants from the ground in a space a foot or so…
then push the scraped soil back to cover the ground.
This results in what the old-timers used to call a ‘dust mulch’.
The broken soil will reduce the wicking action of the soil surface
and act much as a mulch of leaves would…
covering the soil with a blanket of soil shading it from the sun etc.

    If you have a mulch of leaves, straw or some other organic material, you can use a rake and be able to kill the weeds trying to grow on top of the mulch.
    These are the weed seeds brought onto the mulch by wind or animals.
If left unchallenged, they might possible be able to grow through the mulch and enjoy the same healthy conditions you desire for your crops plants.  


weeds scraped from the ground

weeds scraped from the ground

Here we see the ground scraped across the entire photo.  
The left-hand side is scraped, and the right-hand side is scraped
and the removed soil put back onto the soil as a mulch.


   It is generally seen as better for the environment overall to keep the soil covered with plants.
    Plants cover the soil keeping the nearby areas cooler. Bare open ground tends to be hotter, and much more susceptible to erosion by rain or wind. Here in the summertime we often see ‘dust-devils’ on open fields, and even on our own clean scraped driveway. 


~Lao Tzu~
‘Chapter 48′

Common learning consists in doing something new each day,
In pursuit of the Tao, every day something is dropped.
Day after day something else is not done,
until one reaches the point where one is able to do much by doing nothing.

Less and less you work and desire, until you reach the state of non-action.
By not striving to control the world, it offers itself to you.
You cannot master the world by trying to enforce change on it.


    Unless there is an overwhelming need for clean-cultivation, I argue against it. We remove all vegetation from near our house because of the high fire danger in our area. We want no organic materials next to the house. Clean and open rocky ground is what I want… the small pebbles are unlikely to blow away with the wind.  We also have some garden area that is clean-cultivated. Some of our cactus species are small, and would be overtaken by allowing other species to grow with them.


   Most annual gardens do well with clean cultivation… before you plant, prepare the soil in the usual way…and then water as if you had planted… in a few days you will see weed seedlings sprout… rake the soil to kill the emerging seedlings, and water again. Within the next two weeks, water and rake four or five times…. you will kill most of the weed seeds near the surface…. then when you plant, do not dig the soil again, you will bring up seeds from deeper…. just make your tiny seed plantings, and cover them…. hopefully you’ll have very few weeds growing when your vegetables emerge.

    It is hard for many people to not do all the work at once… but there are times it pays to do less now… and take much longer, doing a little bit here and there… don’t rush nature, she usually doesn’t rush much… and you can’t push her hard.



“When you throw Mother Nature out the window,
She comes back in the door with a pitchfork”

~Masanobu Fukuoka~







Words of counsel

Something I wrote in January, 2005… that I need to look at again from time to time.

One ship drives east and another drives west
With the self same winds that blow.
‘Tis the set of the sails,
And not the gales,
That tell us the way to go.
Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate;
As we voyage along through life,
‘Tis the set of the soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm, or the strife.

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

   The winds blow hard this night, California is in the grip of a series of storms we call ‘The Pineapple Express’. These are high winds bringing moisture laden air that will dump with a fury upon encountering California’s hills. The winds blow day and night, overturning trailers, jackknifing rigs on the freeway. Locally the winds blew a mobile home off the truck dragging it along the highway as it crossed a high bridge over a reservoir. The trailer was dashed to pieces hundreds of feet below.

   The winds are only one problem, the rain is another. Landslides, road closures, and flooding have been occurrences in the Southland. We have had two or three weeks of unrelenting rain, nearly daily rain, daily gusts. I must say that we have had the occasional respite from rain that has enabled us to venture onto the terraces to pick cactus on occasion. And the leaves we are picking now!.. beautiful,. deep green, rich with the nitrogen given to us by nature in her life-enabling rain that we so often curse with one breath while we thank God for the water we all need. The leaves are washed clean of dust; the normal speckling of minerals and well water is replaced by a clean green slate of rich vegetable bounty.

   While we sit miserable in our house, wishing we could be out enjoying fresh air and digging in the ground, we are reminded of how fragile this life is, the scenes on television of the horrendous flooding from the Tsunami are so overwhelming that to be sad to be in a clean warm house with food and fresh water and the internet and television is the height of self-indulgent narcissism. I thank God for this land he brought me to, and I thank the American people for the help they gave my family in a war-torn country before I was born. We in this land of plenty have the world at our feet, and the resources of the world are gobbled up by our insatiable appetite. It is right and fitting that we give our hearts and some money to those suffering so much.

   But yet, we must remember that it is the same appetite for building and renewal that gives us the low casualty figures when we have our own natural disasters. When the earthquake happened here just over a year ago, two people in a neighboring town died. A couple months later the same magnitude earthquake happened in Iran, and many thousands died. We use our resources and those of other nations who sell to us to make our people safer, we use technology to make our world move with a more responsive speed. When we ship cactus to New York it gets there in five days or less on average, and this for a small price considering the distance involved.

   The same Tsunami event on the California coast would likely have been detected with our satellites and deep-sea buoys, alerts would have been sent throughout California, and many thousands of persons might have been saved. Now while it is hard to imagine Los Angeles evacuating in an orderly and manageable fashion, I am sure the loss of life would have been greatly reduced due to our way of life.

   This brings us to the next comment, we tend to want the others in the world to adopt our way of life, and we spend a huge amount of money trying to bring people into this way and philosophy. I truly believe the USA is being altruistic when we try to raise the standard of living of others. But it is said that while ‘you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make him drink’. Not all in the world want our life with it’s hectic and frenetic pace of meetings, schedules, and people and business. I remember lazy afternoons in Morocco while the businessmen drank tea in their slow-paced method of business. Even the relief efforts are not up to our standards, in India it is said the survivors are divided into separate camps based upon caste. This is a horrendous thing to us, tantamount to dividing survivors based upon race. But it is hard for us to impose our vision of equality upon others, just as we resist efforts by the international community to change our foreign policy or greenhouse gasses policies.

   I must say, I like this place, I will stay here and enjoy the blowing of the wind, and the clatter of the rain on the roof, the life giving moisture that will hopefully enable us to have another good year of cactus, and I place it all in the hands of the Almighty as to what winds, and what rains He may send my way, it is up to me to make the best of those winds, and those rains to ensure my family’s success, and the nourishment of the people. AMEN.

Jan 29, 2005

Got up in the morning, cold. Turned on the TV and watched the 1964 Japanese movie “Fight Zaguichi, Fight!” about a blind Swordsmaster who saves a baby after it’s mother is killed by brigands. I am struck by the similarity of the Samurai code of ‘Bushido’ with the European Knights code of ‘Shivalry’, and the modern ‘Code of the Fighting Man’. The greatest fighting men live by a code, to not offront the helpless, to practice self-restraint.
It is only through Self mastery that one can advance to the height of one’s own ability, hence it is said:

Chapter 33
Understanding the world is knowledge,
Understanding yourself is enlightenment.
Mastering others is strength,
Mastering yourself is true power.
Having many things is affluence,
Being content with what you have is satisfaction.
Will power will increase perseverance,
But tranquility with the Tao brings eternal endurance.

   Hold onto Restraint, remember always to have compassion. No matter how great you are, no matter how powerful and cunning, and quick you are, You will still find compassion to be your greatest ally.

   Blessed are the mercifull, for they will receive mercy

   I’m brought to smile often at a memory of a trip I made to the market recently, a young man in his twenties was with his parents or grandparents. He was mentally disabled, and strode through the market with the simplicity and wonder of a child. He reached his hands up to the lights as a child will to the stars. His face had the radiant glow of a saint, and his loving caregivers indulged his whims. They strode the market with him, holding hands, loving and adaptable to his mind. They showed no shame of him, and he in his simplicity walked through the market happy in his ignorance. Looking through his eyes at a new world, one he had never seen before, until he recognized a food he loved, then he asked for it.

   There was something about his happy countenance that thrilled me, this is the essence of humanity itself, stripped of all indulgences, ego, and aspirations. This young man looks for nothing out of life, he lives from one moment to the next. And his caregivers provide all for him, and will love him to the end of their days.

   This is the way I see God providing for us in Paradise, we will not need to worry about anything, all will be taken care of by a loving and benevolent Master. But this is not the way of this fallen world. Although the world is beautiful it is also a harsh and nasty place, full of killing and dying. All things destroy something in order to live, from the smallest paramycium living on detritus on the forest floor, to the lion killing a fawn to eat. But one day the lion will lay down with the lamb, and the Shepard will watch over them all. But in this life this young man will be provided for by the loving couple until their demise, then perhaps some others will watch over him, and someday I may see him in his old age, walking through the market with the same look of wonder in his eyes, hands reaching to the sky.

   From the Gospel of Jesus Christ

   Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find,
   knock and the door will be opened.
   For everyone who asks recieves, and he who seeks finds,
   and to all who knock, the door will be opened.
   What man among you when his son asks for bread would give him a stone?
   And when he asks for a fish would give him a snake?
   If you then who are imperfect know how to give good gifts to your children,
   how much more will your Father
   who is perfect give good things to those who ask him?
   Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about what you will eat,
   or what you will wear, isn’t your life more than it’s food?
   And your body more than it’s clothing?
   Look at the birds of the sky, they neither sow nor reap,
   nor gather into barns, yet God feeds them.

   Which of you by thinking can add a day to his life?
   And why do you worry about clothing?
   Consider the lillies of the field, how they grow,
   they neither toil nor spin, and yet I tell you
   that not even Solomon in all his glory was robed like one of these.
   Therefore if God so clothes the grass that grows in the field today,
   and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, won’t he all the more clothe you?

   So don’t worry about these things and say ‘what will we eat, and what will we wear’,
   for that is what the gentiles seek,
   and your Father knows that you need these things, but first seek the Kingdom of God.
   And these things will be given to you as well.

Why GMO Foods Have Failed at Producing Healthy Food for More People

Why GMO Foods Have Failed at Producing Healthy Food for More People

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