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36 Dodge Pick-Up Truck

   I came across a neighbor driving around in his old pick-up truck.  He’s pretty good at keeping his machines and property very orderly, and well running.  He has a place that is something of a showcase…. we’re pretty lucky being able to count him among the neighbors in the canyon.


36 Chevy Pick-Up Truck

36 Chevy Pick-Up Truck

For Miners only


Big tires being loaded up for a local mine’s earth-moving machinery.
At Wayne’s Tires in Santa Maria

We’ve used Wayne’s for years now. I used to do a LOT of driving, and was often getting tires.
Wayne’s has always been a place I liked and felt I got a decent deal.

Hippie Love-Van

A Blast From the Past

Colorful, interesting.
Memories of another time



A Cool Truck

A cool Truck
Vickie and I were in town and came upon a fellow driving this most interesting truck.
It’s a Chevy… an older model…
It’s got things that a truck doesn’t really need, like a supercharger….
it’s really fast, sounds so great with that ‘big-cam’ loping sound… deep cherry-bomb mufflers….

really cool.
Not what I’d put together… all these add-ons make for more maintenance…
But they are great for a fellow who likes to tinker with his vehicle….
The power they add cannot be disputed.

This is a daily driver for this fellow.



You could tell that it’s raw power this guy wants from his machine….
and he’s got all the equipment to make it.

122309Truck3  122309Truck2   122309Truck1   122309Truck5

A Truck In Nipas

120309_2 120309_1 120309_3


  I ran across a fellow in Nipomo who was driving this truck.   I like the work done on it. It really runs well!!! Sure, it’s not flashy, chromey, or even clean….
but dang, this truck has character. It’s got a number of little custom things…..
it’s a truck put together by a fellow who really likes his truck
Did I mention how well this truck runs and how great it sounds!?

   When I asked how he wanted his name printed… he said….

‘Just say ‘A guy in Nipas’”

‘Nipas’ is the local colloquial term for our fair town of Nipomo

1947 Dodge Power Wagon

I ran across Ryan in Nipomo, he was out driving his 1947 Dodge Power Wagon.

 1947 Dodge Power Wagon1947 Dodge Power Wagon1947 Dodge Power Wagon


 This truck has been heavily modified and modernized.
It has a 2001 Chevy Vortec engine with fuel injection for instance.

Pretty stout construction; this sixty two year-old truck.
Ryan uses it for his powder-coating business in Oceano.
It’s got a lot of rust on the fenders, and he’s just starting the interior…
but it’s mechanically sound, and much more efficient than stock.

London Double Decker Bus in SLO

A London Double Bus in SLO Calif

A London Double Bus in SLO Calif

This bus is parked at a Diesel Repair shop in San Luis Obispo.
It is a pretty impressive bus, and for sure must be fun for parades (when operational).
Someone ought to buy this rig and do tours of the sights in some town.

A London Double Bus in SLO Calif

A London Double Bus in SLO Calif

The front end needs some work though.
My guess is this is a tough machine to find parts for.

Chasin' Sun on 101

Chasin’ Sun on 101

Where I come from
Alan Jackson

I was chasin sun on 101
Somewhere around Ventura
I lost a universal joint and I had to use my finger
This tall lady stopped and asked
If I had plans for dinner
I said “no thanks Ma’am, back home
We like the girls that sing soprano”Cause where I come from
Its cornbread and chicken
Where I come from a lotta front porch sittin’
Where I come from tryin’ to make a livin’
And workin’ hard to get to heaven, Where I come from




pre-runner in Ventura

I was heading through Ventura when I passed this Pre-Runner
rolling on its modified chassis.
It was so impressive a vehicle in terms of engineering
that I had to take a photo of it as I passed.





What’cha doin’ workin’ in the heat?

With these days each getting waaaay over one hundred degrees, I stop all work, and melt in the house well before noon. I melt slower indoors than out in the sun.

   We were sitting indoors, when we heard a voice call me… ‘John’

   I looked outside, and there was a neighbor from a mile up the canyon. He’d gotten his crawler stuck in some mud while making adobe, and wanted someone to help pull him out.  He’d ridden his quad-runner to our gate, then had to walk nearly a half mile in the heat uphill to get to our place.


   I took my truck over, he was was so deep into the mud, we ended up digging it out.  And my winch wasn’t working… it’s been a few years since I’ve used it. Eh, something else for me to look at fixing. To possess is to be possessed.

  He takes a pile of clay soil, and makes a hole in the center like you might with mashed potatoes, then he climbs his machine into it, and works the treads to mach the clay, mixing it with the water, and he can then add the straw or other materials, and then go about making his walls or paving.


   He impresses the heck out of me with the amount of work he does. I asked him what he is doing working when the temperatures are over one hundred. He smiled and said ‘in his machine, he’s in the shade.’


4 Wheelin’ in Pasadena

4 WD Show Truck


   I ran cross this Four Wheeler in Pasadena. It sure was pretty…. I asked the guy if he ever took it to our front yard… Pismo Beach. He laughed and said not on the sand itself… it is a show truck… more accustomed to being on display with a mirror under it to show all the nicely plated and painted suspension parts. A few miles of sand and salt on the beach would ruin the expensive details that are meant to cause awe.


   Yeah, she’s a looker all right….