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Cactus Plantation Panorama

Rivenrock Panorama

Rivenrock Panorama


 I took a panorama photo of the cactus plantation.
The perspective and aspect are skewed….
But it makes for an interesting photo.

Couple Needed for Santa Barbara Film

   Some folks I know at Magic Casting are looking for a couple for a horror film. They put out a casting alert, and are looking for folks who fit the looks and would like to speak to them about being in the film. If you’d like to submit yourself, you can write to Chrystine at Magic Casting in Buellton California. magictalent805@gmail.com


If you’re a fan of the “Horror Film” genre….this project is for you!
It will be filming April 17-18, 24-25, and a possible additional weekend.
Rehearsals will be scheduled Sat. afternoons stating Mar. 13th depending on
availability of actors and those will be paid.
All is Santa Barbara location.
Compensation is $500. + 1% net to actors.

YOUNG MOM & DAD (25-35YRS) Caucasian as daughter has been cast and she has
fair complexion.

Please let me know if this is YOU, also feel free to forward to acting
friends, etc.



Rockwell Retro-Encabulator


Rockwell Retro-Encabulator

   I love tech-speak… so this is a very informative video…..
   From a mechanical standpoint, I especially appreciate  the maleable logarythymic casing.  But electrical folks would probably enjoy the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive-interactants. All-in-all it seems a pretty sweet way to power a panametric fan.  Available soon wherever Rockwell Automation Products are sold.


Casting for feature film

   I am registered with Magic Casting  in Buellton California for notification of film work in the area that they are contracted to provide  casting services for. They are nice people… and they sent me a casting notice and let me know I could pass it on to others. They are needing some background actors…. so if anyone would like to be in a feature film filming in the Santa Barbara County area, you can follow the links and register yourself as someone who is interested.

   Working background is a good way to have a ‘first-hand’ look at how films are made.


 As you know, we are working on a Feature Film, Son of an Afghan Farmer.
There is approx 6 weeks of shooting and we will be using many extras. Below
is the need for the first week of filming. Please forward to anyone who
lives in North SB County who you think fits. Also, we will have Santa
Barbara scenes using “college students” as well as “business people” and
“average people” in late Jan. and early Feb. You may email to let me know
your availability or use our website form.

This is a feature film shooting scenes in Cuyama Jan. 12-16th. These scenes
are creating Afghan farm fields and we need extras.

Talent needed are:
1. “Middle Eastern looking” farm hands, beards are most desirable but not
absolutely necessary; ethnicity could be hispanic or other.
2. “Middle Eastern looking” Thugs, w/ suits, dress clothes; prefer middle
eastern but could be other ethnicity that appears ME.
This is a wonderful production crew that will treat all talent well. Filming
will continue throughout SB County for the month if you don’t fit these
current roles, you may still contact us.

MAGIC CASTING-Website is www.magiccasting.mysite.com, please click on
“Afghan Farmer” tab and you can fill out an availability form. There is no
registration fee for this, and no commissions are taken by Magic Casting
from talent.

Looking for Santa Barbara area actors

I got an e-mail from some folks I know….
They are looking for Santa Barbara area actors to use for a Christian-based short film


Small start up Christian Film Company is looking for actors of all ages for
30 minute modern day Good Samaritan Film. Shot on Pro Hi- Def Cameras and
35mm prime lenses. A great project if your trying to build up your reel and
be a part of a Film with a great Message! Please send experience and head
shots to Isaac at info@meeksmediahd.com and Sandon at
sandon@pacificcamps.com and we will let you know if we would like you to
come in for a reading.

List of Parts looking to Cast
AMY KINDLE, a cheerful 6-year-old.
BRITNEY SKAGG Amy’s fellow school-mate also 6 years old
Three Jr. High girls
The (Lead Role) Good Samaritan DURRELL, a 20-year-old who’s punked out with
spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, studded shirt, black pants and boots,
RAMZI, (Durrell’s brother) Editor for Rolling Stone a clean-cut man in his
mid 20’s,
Female News Reporter between the ages of 20-30 years old
Prisoner #1 A Hispanic man in his late 30s about 5 10” Two hundred pounds
with a thick mustache
Prisoner #2 A white male with a completely shaved head 5 11” 260 lbs.
A Middle Eastern man dressed in a ghutra headband
HITAB COMAN (Adivs Son), a 5-year-old Middle Eastern boy,
ADIV COMAN, (Supporting Role) The in his mid 30’s, who’s Middle Eastern and
wearing a kummah headdress,
DAANIA COMAN (Adivs Wife) ,in her early 30’s, wearing an abaya dress and a
hijab headcovering,
Older Businessman in his 50’s,
Homeless man pan-handling
Store clerk working behind mini mart counter
A large man dressed in western wear,
Durrell, Ramzi Mom in her mid 40s
Fire Chief between the ages 30-55
DR. BATES, Supporting Role a gray haired gentleman with glasses between that
ages of 45-65
DR. Bates Chauffeur A scholarly looking man in a suit and tie between the
ages of 35-50
COLLEGE KID #1 Male between the ages of 17-24
COLLEGE KID #2 Male between the ages of 17-24
COLLEGE KID #3 Female between the ages of 17-24
COLLEGE KID #4 Female between the ages of 17-24
Nurse Between the ages of 25-55
AMY’S MOM a Woman between the ages of 35-45

Lizard Boy LA premiere

I got an e-mail from the Director Paul Della Pelle….

Happy Halloween everyone!
OK so it’s confirmed. We will be having an LA premiere for Lizard 
Boy!  For anyone who would like to attend, the date is October 24th, 
1:30pm at the Silent Movie Theater, 611 N. Fairfax in LA. It will be 
a Saturday matinee tickets will be $7.

We will have a marquis, a red carpet, posters, prizes – some have 
hinted they may come in costume… it is Halloween after all. There 
is a side patio where we will have a short reception afterwards until 
4pm. It should be a blast. If you can make it we’d love to see you 
there and please spread the word!
Check www.lizardboy.com for updates and other news. Here is a link to the 
theater site:
Hope to see you there. Cheers!




Lizard Boy is a fine film that is locally produced… I play ‘Bud Crochett’ in it.
I was really impressed with the level of cinematography used in this film…
very well done folks!  And it’s great having a locally filmed project
that shows off the beauty of the Central Coast so well.
Above is the trailer for Lizard Boy.

Four-1 Liberation Front

“People are gonna die, as time goes by”
~Four-1 Liberation Front slogan~

   Some friends of mine put together a really fun movie, you can see the trailer here.
Be aware, there is just a wee bit of foul language involved, so kids and innocent women, stay away from the preview.

Hotel California by the Gipsy Kings

   Usually when I hear another group cut a recording of one of my favorite songs, I feel they did not come up to the mark of the original artist. But there are exceptions, and one is Hotel California originally done by The Eagles, but made into a Spanish language version by one of Vickie and my favorite groups The Gipsy Kings.

   We saw them in concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in August 2001, when I was surprised that security confiscated my pocketknife at the entrance. The world has changed since then, and I suppose I know not to carry a knife into any venue since then.   Vickie and I were treated to a special surprise, sitting right in front of us at the concert was a professional Flamenco dancer, who danced the night away with her beautiful hand movements and dance style.
  Flamenco and the Tango are such beautiful dances, and I enjoy seeing them performed by the masters. Sadly, I with my rustic clumsiness cannot do anything but watch the talented as they light up the stage with their beautiful movements.  


Hollywood-Arts Promo Video

I got an e-mail from an LA film director friend Ron Moon….

Just wanted to keep you updated on my latest project: I made a PSA 
promo video for a nonprofit organization called Hollywood Arts.
Hollywood Media+Arts is a one-of-a-kind arts academy for homeless and 
foster care young people located in the heart of Hollywood. The 
Center offers classes in media, music and the commercial arts—giving 
young people a chance to learn about a variety of creative 
activities, sharpen their thinking skills and prepare them for jobs 
in the creative industries. Check them out when you get a chance: 

I volunteer at this school and teach film studies to the students. 
The school’s creator, Dylan Kendal, wanted me to make a PSA type of 
promotional video to get the word out about Hollywood Arts. I held a 
workshop with a few students to help them streamline an idea and turn 
it into the concept for this video. This video was also acted in by 
actual Hollywood Arts students!
Cinematography by Michael Dwyer, Music by KC Porter and Produced & 
Directed by me ; )

Check it out and lemme know what you think…

(its almost 7 minutes long, so give it a chance to load for best 
viewing, thanks)



   Ron has been doing more and more film work in LA. His skills at pulling all the disparate elements together is very high. I’ve worked on three of his productions, and he has the ‘ducks lined up’.  This promo video he directed is very good… Really nice work Ron, great colors and music. Crisp, Redd camera?

The Storyteller’s Art

  What is it about humanity that causes us to reach for the imagined?  The images conjured from nightmares and daydreams, from lucid dreams, trances and drugs?  We assimilate these images into our subconscious, and sometimes bring them fully into the conscious with mixed results.  Whether it be old fairy tales, sagas, passages or film… we reach with our mind, and try to bring our senses along for the ride. 


   The film ‘Merlin’ has been teamed with a song in Romanian and Latin by the German band Corvus Corax…. I find myself returning to this song… the haunting and exotic lyrics, the beautiful harmonies, and the stunning visuals created by the film meld so fully into an’otherworld’ it almost seems possible to step into….. such is the magic of the storyteller… if done well, it should appear so.