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Rockwell Retro-Encabulator


Rockwell Retro-Encabulator

   I love tech-speak… so this is a very informative video…..
   From a mechanical standpoint, I especially appreciate  the maleable logarythymic casing.  But electrical folks would probably enjoy the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive-interactants. All-in-all it seems a pretty sweet way to power a panametric fan.  Available soon wherever Rockwell Automation Products are sold.


Lizard Boy Film Trailer

Lizard Boy Film Trailer

   A local film that I played a role in has released the trailer.

   The film was directed by Paul Della Pelle,
and the special effects were great and very well done.

  I’m the guy who’s getting strangled…..

   I’m not releasing any ‘spoilers’,
but I can say that I’ll probably not be in Part 2…
cause I’m dead.


Yahoo Questions… Best and Worst

   There’s a fair number and variety of people in the world.


   Some ain’t too bright.


  And some others are smart, but play around.


   Online, it can be hard to tell who is playing silly for the afternoon, and who is just plain bonkers all the time.


   Yahoo has a Question-Submission site so folks can post their questions, and have readers in the ether sphere answer them.  They posted a page of  ‘The worst and the Saddest Questions’…. and yes, if they were not just playing around and joking…. some of those folks really need to wake up and get counseling.


    There were many I enjoyed reading….but one of my favorites is the person in the US state of Georgia who heard that Russia was invading Georgia… but this person seems to be one of the few Georgians who does not realize there is a Republic called Georgia just to the South of Mother Russia…. here’s what this Red-Clay gal said….


“I live in georigia (sic), but i don’t see russia no where not even sound but they say theres tanks should i be worrie


i heard on the news that rusia had invaded but i don’t see them no where whats goin on”


   Yeah, I hope Jessica B is

 actually a student in some (US) Georgian University, and that her letter was just funnin’ around.

Listen Well Kim Jong Ill

  I don’t believe he exhausted all diplomatic processes.


  And now Iowahawk informs us that the widow of the fly is looking into a lawsuit. The website gives some info…

“It was just before supper time and I was predigesting the evening @#$% for the kids,” she recalled. “When I looked up at the TV I saw Bob there, and of course I was pretty excited. He started waving at me, and then, all of a sudden, SLAP! My whole world, my life, layed smashed across the back of Obama’s left hand. And with 360 degree peripheral vision and hundreds of eye facets, it was impossible to look away.”


Note: mild language warning…. the word ‘manure‘ seems to be hard to find when there is a shorter alternative.

If you love America

If you love America…
You’ll throw money into its hole.

In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?