Rivenrock Gardens Cactus Blog

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Rivenrock Gardens is a small family-owned
organically certified edible cactus farm
on the Central Coast of California.


Someone lives in a mountain gorge

cloud robe and sunset tassels

holding sweet plants that he would share.

But the road is long and hard

burdened with regrets and doubts,

old and unaccomplished,

called by others crippled,

he stands alone steadfast.

 ~Han Shan~



Our main website is www.rivenrock.com

We welcome you to visit www.rivenrock.com/ediblecactus.htm
to see the fine cactus we grow.

Rivenrock Gardens also gives away free Screensavers
at www.rivenrock.com/screensavers.htm
We welcome you to download one of our screensavers.

You can visit www.rivenrock.com/recipes.html for cactus recipes.

Cactus nutrients can be found at http://www.rivenrock.com/nutrients.htm


Our Photogallery has over 1,300 photos of the California hills,
beaches, deserts and cicites and towns.

Our Twitter account



Here is our Rivenrock Nopalea grande Cactus Preparation Brochure.
We grant permission and encourage all individuals to download,
print and distribute these brochures as you wish… no charge.
But print them only in their entirety.

We offer the brochures in full sized .PDF files at:
for the front side of the brochure
for the back side of the brochure

Rivenrock Gardens Nopalea grande Cactus Preparation Brochure

How to prepare Rivenrock Nopalea grande cactus for eating