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Three faces of Slo-town


   San Luis Obispo is the major town near us to the north.   It’s a fairly small town with two collages and the sense of a rural community. The truck/human ratio is fairly high.  Locals refer to the city and the county both as SLO (pronounced ‘slow’). We also call the city ‘San Luis’  (Lewis….. not louwee’), and another name is ‘Slo-Town’.

   San Luis Obispo has long struggled to retain its rural character…. the county is a major anti-growth county, and the city of San Luis Obispo severely restricts building in its limits.  

   There are many unique aspects to Slo-Town.. for instance in 1990, SLO became the first municipality in the world to ban smoking in all public buildings, including bars and restaurants.  There is a really unique HUGE hotel called ‘Madonna Inn’ that is something of a world-renowned hotel.  And San Luis houses one of the premier universities in the world… (Cal-Poly) California Polytechnic State University.  The first motel in the world was established in San Luis in 1925 (it cost $1.25 for a night).

   Like many towns, San Luis has architectural styles that cover a broad spectrum of styles from Frank Lloyd Wright to backyard builders….  therefor we have the simple storefront buildings, Victorian homes, and old wooden barns being used as warehouses you see in these photos.

   If you travel to California, make sure you go through the Central coast… and SLO is a good town to use as a central base for visiting the area.


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