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Civics Quiz

You answered 29 out of 33 correctly — 87.88 %

Average score for this quiz during November: 78.1%
Average score: 78.1%


Uhuh, that’s how I did on this test of Americans knowledge of civics. Not too bad I suppose, but I like being in the ninety percentile range on tests…..

San Luis Obispo County Sunset, Avila Bay


San Luis Obispo County Sunset, Avila Bay


Los Angeles

Old friends with a room to rent in Hawaii!

  We’ve got some old friends who moved several years ago to the Big Island in Hawaii.

   Bob is a pretty positive fellow, and his wife Melissa is a sweet gal.

   Melissa just made up a web page advertising their home in Hawaii… they rent out part of the two story home to tourists who’d like a home to stay in instead of a hotel.  It looks to me like they’ve got a pretty nice area to live in.

   Melissa is a very talented artist, and is selling works of her arts on the site, do be sure to look at the ‘gallery’ section of the site.


Plato’s Cave


Plato’s Cave

Have a Bon Temp

From an e-mail we got today…



I’m so happy to let you know that….
Blues Bongo Mama Raeanna and Dr.Bottom (from the New Sound Boogie Band will be joining us tonight – Yea!!
See Ya There……..Valerie Johnson



Time: November 19, 2008 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: Bon Temp Creole Cafe
Organized By: vjsjoy:


Event Description:
Hi Y’all,
Valerie Johnson & Al B. Blue- 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6:30pm – 8:30pm
There is music every Wednesday @ Thursday nite 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Laisses Bon Temp Roule!!! (Let the Good Times Roll!!)



See more details and RSVP on Central Coast Today:

   Al and Val are both world-class musicians and have a great sound to their band.

   They say Bon Temp has the bestest Creole food on the Left Coast!




Unique Cactus Recipes

   It’s amazing and fun when different people in different areas will come up with widely varying techniques for preparing the same base materials. 


   It might surprise some to know that edible cactus use is widely spread throughout the Mediterranean region.  In fact, the cactus, although brought to that area only in the last few hundred years, has become so widespread and endemic to the area that many people there are surprised to learn that it is not a native plant.  It is always fun to me to watch a movie depicting ancient life in the Holy Land, and some scenes will show some of the different succulent plants that came from the New World.


   A fellow in Israel has written a good number of creative recipes using cactus. You can read these at his site at Strat’s Place


   I’ve got to try that banana and cactus soup!



To Love is to Bury

   The new HBO series ‘True Blood’ has become a weekly favorite program in our tiny household.



   I also like the great variety of music showcased on the program… last night’s episode had an episode name taken from one of the songs by the ‘Cowboy Junkies’, one of my favorite bands.



   Cowboy Junkies have such beautiful words to their lyrics… the poetry and depth of feeling drips with tears.




‘To Love is to Bury’
~Cowboy Junkies~



I buried him down by the river
’cause that’s where he liked to be
and every night when the moon is high
I go there and weep openly


He and I were married
By this river ‘neath this willow tree
and with God and friends witnessing it
He pledged his life to me 


To me he was Earth
and I rooted in his soil
I to he was Sky vast and free
of the burdens from which he toiled


Then one night a terrible fight
Words spoken better left unsaid
With his wedding vows ringing in my ears
He gave his life to me


They say to love is to bury
Those demons from which we all hide
But tonight by this river ‘neath this willow tree
Becoming one of Earth and Sky




  We just buried my Uncle Bob this weekend in Los Angeles.  He was a fun loving guy.. always joking and messing around. I suppose when people have lived through horror, they tend to swing to one extreme or another. And Bob had seen his share of horror…. he was in WWII and spent time during the war in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Italy. He was awarded four Bronze Stars for bravery… this was a surprise to all of us. He never ever really spoke of the war, and even the fellows closer to his age (92) did not know of the Bronze Stars.

  Continue reading To Love is to Bury

Burned Out Artists Seeking Paints and Canvas

Several local artists lost their studios in the recent fire.

Leigh Sparks is organizing ways of assisting them.

Artist Rick Garcia was one such artist and has passed along a wish

Gamblin or Williamsberg transparent earth red, orange, yellow. Naples yellow, Jaune brilliant yellow, Van Dyke brown, asphalt black,corvet green, Titanium White, Vermillion, Cadmium red lt, Ultra marine blue, french blue, cobalt blue, thalo green.

Mediums, turp, stand oil, neo meglib by gamblin.

Canvases , he likes 1 to 3 ratio,  8×24, 12×12, 12×24

Brushes; Robert Simmons filberts 1-7  or any brights

Please pass on the information

Folks who have something to donate may can drop off materials or gift certicates at Leigh’s shop: The Princess and the Pea. 776 Linden Ave., Carpinteria.

Or at Jamee Aubreys home in Santa Barbara. Please email her at
Jamee7@cox.net for more information.

Santa Barbara Visual Arts Alliance
Web Site: <<SBVA Website>>

An Interactive Map

Show/World: An Interactive Map

Here’s a really cool map in which countries change size to reflect 
their role in various global issues, including population, GDP, legal 
execution, tourism, Olympic gold medalists, arable land, and more.


Select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map 
change their size. Instead of land mass, the size of each country will 
represent the data for that subject –both its share of the total and 
absolute value.